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Over 30 local mayors join Mayor Rodriguez Larreta at the first meeting of Argentine cities ahead of the C40 World Mayors Summit

April 26, 2022

Buenos Aires Mayor, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, today welcomed more than 30 mayors from all over the country at the first meeting of Argentine cities ahead of the C40 World Mayors Summit, the world’s most important urban climate change forum taking place on 19-21 October in Buenos Aires.

Ⓒ Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Whatever city you are, embarking on unilateral dialogue at international level is just not the same as having a joint dialogue. Together, we have to show our leadership on the international stage and demonstrate our potential to innovate to tackle climate change. Our efforts must transcend borders, with international agreements that coordinate and strengthen our action. I believe in the importance of our role and I am delighted that local governments are protagonists of this agenda”, said Mayor Rodríguez Larreta.

Invited by Rodríguez Larreta, the local mayors met at the Recoleta Cultural Centre and signed a letter of commitment to work together for the Summit, where they agreed to create spaces for dialogue and collaboration on climate change mitigation and adaptation policies, and generate alliances between local and national governments and strategic partners; collectively identify and build, a shared vision for cities in Argentina to promote sustainable development; share and collect experiences, knowledge and good practices to enhance local management capacities, inform the design of new strategies and strengthen existing ones.

The following mayors took part in the meeting: Ulpiano Suárez (Mendoza), Pablo Javkin (Rosario), Eduardo Tassano (Corrientes), Diego Valenzuela (February 3), Soledad Martínez (Vicente López), Gustavo Posse (San Isidro), Mariano Barroso (9 de Julio), Vicente Gatica (Bragado), Camilo Etchevarren (Dolores), Eduardo Lorenzo Campana (General Villegas), Pablo Petrecca (Junín), Arnaldo Harispe (Lezama), Jorge Etcheverry (Lobos), Gustavo Perie (Ramallo), Francisco Ratto (San Antonio de Areco), Alejandro Federico (Suipacha), Franco Danilo Morra (General Deheza), Pedro Gustavo Dellarossa (Marcos Juárez), Damián Bernarte (San Francisco), Daniel Gómez Gesteira (Villa Carlos Paz), Tadeo García Salazar (Godoy Cruz), Marcelino Iglesias (Guaymallén), Sebastián Bragagnolo (Luján de Cuyo), Rolando Scanio (San Carlos), Nicolás Cuesta (San Justo), Victor Aiola (Chacabuco), Salvador Serenal (Lincoln), José Matildo Castro (Monte), Cristian Ford (Rojas), Carlos José Ceferino Bevilacqua (Villarino), Gustavo Martinez (Resistencia), Javier Dieminger (La Falda), Patricia Cicerone (San Antonio de Arredondo), Ricardo Omar Manera (Villa del Rosario), José Carambia (Las Heras), Alejandro Molinuevo (Concepción), Fabian Gandon (Puerto Pirámides), Nicolás Cuesta (San Justo). Fernando Straface, General Secretary and Secretary for International Relations of the City of Buenos Aires, and Jorge Macri, City Government Minister responsible for Interjurisdictional Affairs, also participated.

Over a thousand mayors, deputy mayors, international delegates, speakers and representatives of civil society and the private sector will take part at the C40 World Mayors Summit, which takes place every three years. This year, in Buenos Aires, it will focus on three main axes: green and fair recovery with job creation and inclusion, wellbeing cities and access to financing.

On 19 October during the Summit, the mayors will take part in the Federal Urban Forum, where they will present a joint declaration of Argentine cities on climate action.

The city of Buenos Aires joined C40 in 2009; in 2015 it hosted the First Latin American Forum of C40 Mayors. In 2020, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta was appointed Vice President of C40 for Latin America. In 2021, the city of Buenos Aires presented its Climate Action Plan, available at


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