Sustainability at
the Summit

The City of Buenos Aires and C40 Cities are committed to delivering a sustainable event that aligns with the spirit of the World Mayors Summit. From the handling of food and the creation of promotional materials to guest mobility and energy use, sustainability will be threaded throughout the organisation and logistics of the event.

Carbon footprint and offsetting

To know the climate impacts of the Summit, the City of Buenos Aires is commissioning an estimation of the Summit’s carbon footprint, including the emissions from air travel to and from Buenos Aires. The total emissions will be offset through a variety of projects, such as reforestation or conservation of natural areas across Argentina or Latin America, but with local efforts prioritised.

Low-carbon food and zero waste

We are striving to coordinate a zero-waste event. Buenos Aires and C40 will prioritise reusable materials and, whenever possible, will reuse and recycle those that are used. To reduce the Summit’s carbon footprint, all food served by C40 at the Centro de Convenciones (summit venue) will be plant-based, and we will strive to source food options from local, sustainable producers, and reduce the amount of food waste.


Designed by architect Edgardo Minod with sustainability in mind, the Centro de Convenciones de Buenos Aires (CEC) incorporates a unique underground design intended to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The building uses thermo-mechanical energy to improve the efficiency of its lighting and air conditioning, and also collects and reuses rainwater to reduce water consumption. Thanks to its emphasis on symbiosis with the neighboring natural world, the CEC proudly sports a National Urban Sustainable Architecture and Design award.


The Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Convention Center is one of three hotels in Buenos Aires to receive recognition as an EcoHotel from the City’s Environmentally Responsible Hotels Program. The program recognises hotels with outstanding protocols surrounding energy efficiency, responsible consumption, waste management, air quality and water use. Recognised by Hoteles Más Verdes (“Greenest Hotels”) as a bronze-star sustainability establishment, the Sheraton promotes green electromobility by providing electric vehicle charging stations in its parking garage.

Travel around Buenos Aires

The City of Buenos Aires is providing transportation to and from the CEC and some side events using a variety of mobility options with little to no carbon emissions, including:
• Subway
• Bus
• City bicycles, “BA EcoBici”

Ⓒ Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires